Our preschool department serves children ages 3 to 5 who have developmental delays. Our program incorporates a highly structured predictable routine which relies on visual supports. We utilize a multi-sensory approach to learning, building on the strengths of each individual student. While our program is language-based, the focus is on all areas of development: language, academics, gross motor, fine motor, self-care, and social/emotional growth. Independence is stressed, even at this early age. Technology is incorporated into activities on the smartboard and iPad.

    Our students are exposed to modified Common Core Curriculum content. The curriculum materials used includes:

    • Modified D.I.G. (Discover Inspire Grow) Pre-K Curriculum 

    Students also participate in art, music, physical education and media classes and aquatic therapy.


    Elementary School

    The Ruth Eason Elementary Department is versatile, effective and extremely successful. Our students are ages 5 to 12 years old who have been diagnosed with a variety of disabilities.

    • Classes work on a range of functional math and reading skills and functional life skills necessary to increase overall independence. Development of independence in the home and school setting is a major component of our program.
    • In addition, our students participate in the Maryland Common Core State Standards for Language Arts, Written expression, Science, Math and Social Studies with the necessary modifications for all. With using a standards-based curriculum that differentiates instruction for all students   They also attend the following Cultural Arts Classes: Art, Media, Music, Physical Education, and Adapted Swimming.
    • Using a variety of multi-modal communication systems (picture symbols, iPads, switches, input/output devices, and verbally) students are able to independently request wants and needs, self-advocate and interact with peers and adults.
    • Students participate in community-based instruction to apply skills to real-world experiences in authentic settings such as restaurants, stores, and community recreation areas.
    • Students can also have the opportunity to participate with typical peers in cultural arts as part of an inclusion program with neighboring comprehensive schools.
    • “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” Our Elementary students are busy, involved and productive and the Elementary Teaching Staff is very proud of each and every student!


    Middle School

    The middle school department is comprised of students between the ages of ten and sixteen. We use the Common Core Curriculum, which is supplemented by the Unique Learning System Curriculum, and follow AACPS suggested pacing guide. Each student in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade is required to be assessed using the Maryland State Alternative Assessment (MSAA), with testing concentrating on English/language arts and mathematics. Students in eighth grade also complete the Alternative Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (Alt-MISA). The testing window for these two assessments is March to early May, and are paced based upon each student's unique learning needs. 

    Students also address the Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and objectives functional/requisite academic areas as well as transitional skills. Programs such as Edmark reading, News-to-You, Unique Learning Systems, Symbol Stixs, PixWriter, and several other instructional websites are incorporated into the daily classroom lessons. 


    High School

    Students in the High School department will participate in a variety of functional academic courses.View the full high school description under high school tab