• Ruth Parker Eason School

    Our School’s Story


    Ruth Parker Eason School provides a unique learning environment for nearly 150 students with moderate to severe disabilities.  Built in 1984, Ruth Eason has been a safe and nurturing setting where students benefit from the state of the art practices in special education that are delivered through a multi-disciplinary approach.  The staff of 104 is comprised of special education teachers, related service providers, health personnel, and support staff.  Ruth Eason is also the home to Forbush School of Anne Arundel, which is a Non-Public school partnership that provides an integrated setting for students who require intensive behavior programming.  Our school community is diverse, with a student body comprised of 42% African American, 38% White, and 13% Hispanic students as well as students of Asian, American Indian, and Multiracial ethnicities.  48% of our students qualify for Free and Reduced Meals. The staff at Ruth Eason believe that every child can learn and that each individual student will make progress when presented with high expectations and provided both specialized and differentiated instruction. 


    Teaching and learning at Ruth Parker Eason are as unique as each of our students.  Engaging and experiential learning takes place daily for our students, who range in age from 3 years to 21 years.  Opportunities for students to develop learning and social behaviors, vocational skills, functional skills, academics, and communication are embedded into the instruction of an alternative curriculum; which aligns to the Common Core Curriculum Standards.  Our students’ global development and progress are highly dependent on their communication skills, which is an intentional focus at Ruth Eason.  Multiple modalities for communication are available throughout the school with 60% of students have an individualized communication system that is used functionally.  Through the collaboration of all service providers, it is expected that every student at Ruth Eason will have available a communication system for their needs/abilities; and that it will be accessible in all settings both in the school and community. 


    The use of research and evidence-based practices are in place to assist the students at Ruth Eason in developing abovementioned skills.  These include CORE Vocabulary Boards, Unique Learning Systems Curriculum (ULS), Movement Opportunities Via Education (M.O.V.E), Structured Teaching, Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems (AAC), Community Based Instruction (CBI), and Community Work Enclaves. Long-standing community relationships with various businesses, non-profit groups, and local High Schools are an integral part of our student’s success.  Through the support of these partners and our PTO, the students at Ruth Eason benefit from access to specialized equipment and materials, that may otherwise be unobtainable.  The staff at Ruth Eason is committed to maintaining and expanding relationships with our school community, which spans multiple feeders within Anne Arundel County Public Schools, to provide our students with the most up to date and relevant teaching. 


    We are proud of our students and the unique instructional practices that take place at Ruth Parker Eason.  It is a school community that embraces individual differences; yet focuses on student strengths and preferences.  We are driven by our students’ resiliency, relationships with families and community, and the benefits of professional collaboration.