At Ruth Parker Eason School, we will:


    • Provide a welcoming, individualized, and challenging environment for AACPS students with significant learning difference and complex needs, to achieve their fullest potential.


    • Establish an equitable school community for all staff, families, and students.


    • Develop and maintain trusting relationships with families to support collaboration on educational programming decisions and their child’s journey as a life-long learner.


    · Increase meaningful and independent communication for all students through the use of multimodalities.


    · Deliver engaging and differentiated instruction to increase student’s independence by adhering to best practices and implementation across all settings.


    • Promote a safe learning environment by implementing positive and individualized behavior strategies to promote socially acceptable interactions and behaviors across learning and vocational settings.

    *** Our Mission ***

    The community of Ruth Parker Eason School is dedicated to providing a safe, positive, and meaningful
    environment that enables all students to achieve personal excellence through home and school collaboration.