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    Community Vocational Program

    The Community Vocational Program (CVP) is designed for students with developmental disabilities for whom competitive employment at or above minimum wage is not immediately obtainable and who, because of their disability, will need intensive on-going support to perform in a work setting. The program targets those students who lack job readiness skills and need some level of support throughout the duration of their employment. These students will receive training in job skills, daily work routines, behavior management, social behavior, and self-advocacy. The training consists of entry-level skills for basic minimum wage jobs. These students generally exit the school system at age 21, and will establish linkages with adult service providers upon exiting the school system for long-term support in their adult life.

    The Community Vocational Program that includes on-site training (Enclave Program) and individual job placements (Supported Employment Program) is offered as a component in the Functional Skills Program, serving all special education students in Anne Arundel County who are pursuing a certificate of completion rather than a high school diploma.  

    School & Family Partnerships

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