• Earning a Micro-Credential


    1. Choose the Professional Development Modules You Want to Complete

    Each micro-credential offers a menu of module course work related to your expedition, allowing you to create your own journey and choose the learning opportunities that work best for you. (The number of modules that you are required to complete varies by your Micro-Credential theme and badge level). These menus includes "foundational" modules all learners will complete as well as a selection of "exploration" modules for learners can customize their learning to meet their needs. 

    Unlike traditional programs, AACPS Micro-Credential modules come in a variety of styles and formats. From self-led online experiences to hybrid professional development to podcasts, choose the session that fits your timeline and your schedule. Modules are designed to be relevant to any employee in AACPS. 

    2. Learn, Practice & Reflect

    In every module you will learn about a topic or strategy and complete an activity that will bring the content into the real world. Some examples of these activities include attending an AACPS sporting event, interviewing a colleague, or visiting a local museum. After each activity, you will apply what you've learned back to your own work.

    3. Share With other Learners

    As the micro-credential grows, you will join professional learning communities of explorers, adventurers and trailblazers from all units across the county working towards the same goal: discover new ways to grow yourself and grow our students. Together, you will share ideas, strategies, and challenges and reflect on your experience and personal/professional growth.


Ready to Level Up?

What will my journey look like?

  • Not sure what your journey could look like? Click here to see sample Explorer Micro-Credential pathways.