• What is Collaborative Decision Making?
    Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) provides a frame-work for educators, parents, students and community representatives to solve problems and support student achievement and success. It is a proactive approach that emphasizes early intervention, evidence-based practices, collaborative teaming, and ongoing progress monitoring.  CDM fosters best practices in adult and student learning, collaboration, and problem solving to achieve the desired results.

    Why use CDM to meet the diverse needs of our students?
    CDM promotes Learning:

    • Supports prevention and intervention rather than remediation
    • Pinpoints student needs and matches them with appropriate and effective interventions

    CDM encourages Collaboration:

    • Involves parents, students, staff from multiple disciplines & resources to address
    • student needs
    • Identifies and utilizes student strengths in planning for success

    CDM yields Results:

    • Uses data and progress monitoring to guide instruc-tional practices