• What is included in a Student Intervention Plan?
    A Student Intervention Plan (StIP) may be developed to address academic or behavior concerns. Student Intervention Teams work through a systematic problem-solving process in three phases to develop the plan:

    Problem Identification & Analysis

    • Problem areas are documented;
    • Student strengths and interests are highlighted;
    • The effectiveness of previous research based intervention are evaluated;
    • Problem areas are prioritized;
    • Baseline data is documented;
    • Short-term and outcome goals are set;
    • Procedures for ongoing data collection are determined to ensure progress monitoring.

    Intervention Design & Implementation

    • A plan of action is created, listing specific interventions targeted to the student's identified needs;
    • Accountability measures are built in to ensure interventions are implemented as designed;
    • Progress monitoring data is collected and graphed every 4-6 weeks.

    Intervention Evaluation

    • After 4-6 weeks of implementation, Student Intervention Teams analyze data to determine the level of progress and decide next steps.