Our vision is a high-quality workforce that values professional learning and prepares our students to contribute to a diverse and changing world.


    Our mission is to provide continuous and focused learning for all employees, serve as a school system professional learning network, and to advance individual and organizational development in order to ensure achievement for every student.

    We Believe That:

    • Effective, on-going professional learning is essential to school improvement and student success.
    • Appropriate professional learning is developed, implemented, and evaluated in accordance with the Standards for Professional Learning,and is aligned with the Goal and Initiatives outlined in the AACPS Strategic Plan and tenets of District 203: Growth Mindset, Be Nice, Engaging Instruction, Knowing your Why, Knowing the Stories, and Because I Said I Would.
    • Professional learning encourages all employees to share the responsibility for both individual and organizational growth and to be accountable for defining and achieving standards of excellence.
    • Effective professional development honors diverse learning needs.
    • Professional learning should be:
      • focused
      • varied
      • job-embedded
      • collaborative
      • sustained over time