• The Film & New Media program is a rigorous, sequential course of study that is designed to enhance student understanding of the practical and conceptual use of modern arts technology. Students will explore, study, analyze, and produce film, video, animation, photography, installation, video game theory, interactivity, social media and performance. With each course in the program students will further their understanding and articulation of the concepts, vocabulary, and techniques through the analysis of various master works, genres, and eras in film and new media art. Students will use various technologies and equipment to learn and practice film and new media techniques. Various filmmaking and new media techniques, such as cinematography, character development, writing, editing, special effects, and experimental processes; as well as, digital illustration, graphic art, creative coding, and internet based art forms are presented for students to enhance their own skills and develop their personal voice. Students will build artistic habits including idea generation, portfolio development, and critical reflection while creating original works for their portfolios, exhibitions, and Senior Capstone projects.

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