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  • Once logged on to the Curriculum Share site, you will be able to share information about new and existing curriculum, including basic information about the course (including discipline, grade level, associated assessments, etc.) and whether or not you would be interested in collaborating with other school systems to develop the course.

    We have created three forms based on the type of curriculum information you would like to share:

    Curriculum You are Writing Now

    Share information about the curriculum your school system will be writing within the next six-12 months. 

    Curriculum You Need to Rewrite or Reinvigorate within the Next 3 Years

    Share information that your school system is planning to rewrite or update within the next 1-3 years. 

    Curriculum You are Willing to Share

    Share information about existing curriculum in your school system that other LEAs could use within their own schools. Consider posting cutting-edge curricula you have designed and implemented in the past 2 years.

How Do I Share Information About our Curriculum?

  • All forms are located under the "Submit My Curriculum Writing Information" section of the Curriculum Share site. Each form can be completed multiple times by the same person and/or different people in your county. You must submit a separate form for each course you want to share information about.

     1. Click on the form you want to complete:

    Share Curriculum using a form


    2. Complete all information in the pop-up form and click "Save."

    Share course information



What Information Do I Need to Share?

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