Phoenix Academy

  • The Phoenix Academy brings students educational, social-emotional, and family support services in a community-oriented educational setting that is a model because of its multi-agency collaboration.

    The school serves 120 students in grades 10-12 that attend the alternative program and 120 students in grades K-12 that attend the special education program. Both programs are supported by caring and skilled teachers, school psychologists, social workers, and counselors supported by behavioral support and crisis intervention staff.  Students graduate from the Phoenix Academy with an AACPS high school diploma and have the opportunity to achieve dual certification in a career related field such as Horticulture, Culinary and Design and Print services. All students graduate college and career ready. 

    What makes Phoenix Academy different?

    • Instructional approaches are differentiated to meet the individual learning strengths of each student supported by a clinical and behavioral support services team.
    • It provides a highly structured environment with a low student to teacher ratio.
    • Students have the opportunity to build career competencies and earn industry certification. 

    The Phoenix Academy operates three programs, serving K-12 students:

    • The Secondary Alternative Academy will serve students who are experiencing barriers to learning in the comprehensive school environment grades 10-12 with the goal of achieving a high school diploma and/or industry certifications. 
    • The district ED. Program is intended to serve students with emotional disabilities (E.D.) who have not been successful in their home school or regional E.D. program. These students have emotional disabilities that benefit from and are required to receive delivery of their special education services in a Separate Public Day School Program. 
    • The Career and Technology Education Program provides students with hands-on training designed to lead to employment or advanced training, upon graduation. The program includes four areas of training: publication/print shop, culinary arts, and horticulture/landscaping.


  • For additional information call the school @ 410-222- 1650