Mary Moss @ J. Albert Adams Academy

  • Mary Moss at J. Albert Adams Academy is an exciting educational option for students in grades 6-9 who are experiencing barriers to learning in the traditional classroom setting. Using project-based learning, we will seek to find the key to every student’s passion. Students receive social-emotional services to ensure a safe and supportive environment.

    The program serves up to 160 students grades 6-9. Most students attend for a semester to improve their grades and learn how to make positive choices and then return to their home school with the skills to be more successful engaged students.

    What makes Mary Moss @ J. Albert Adams Academy different?

    • Small class sizes and a low student-teacher ratio provides opportunities for individualized attention.
    • Students collaborate with educators to create Individualized Success Plans to help with goal setting and monitoring their progress.
    • Students will participate in daily morning meetings to build community and have open discussions to build, repair, and maintain relationships.
    • The administrative team focuses on alternatives to suspension and non-traditional disciplinary practices.


  • For additional information call the school @ 410-222-1639