Retiree Community

  • Keep in touch with other retirees and learn about valuable retiree resources.

    AACPS Retired School Personnel Association

    Members of AARSPA enjoy many benefits during the year including:

    • five newsletters
    • four general membership luncheons around the county and one in Florida with our friends and members there.

    A variety of trips and volunteer opportunities are available and at least two college scholarships are awarded to Anne Arundel County students by AARSPA. In addition, the Legislative committee keeps members up to date on activity during the Maryland General Assembly.

    MD Retired School Personnel Association

    The Maryland Retired School Personnel Association (MRSPA) is a nonprofit organization of retired school personnel, founded in 1945, whose purpose is to promote the professional, social and economic welfare of its members; to promote involvement and participation of retirees in service to their communities and to promote the continuous improvement of education in the schools of Maryland.

    • MRSPA membership also includes many services benefitting the retirees of the Maryland schools.

    TAAAC-Retired (TAAAC-R) Is Dedicated To Former TAAAC Members Who Have Retired

    • Providing a TAAAC affiliate organization, which will address the needs and concerns of the retired employees of Anne Arundel County Public Schools.
    • Providing retirement with dignity and purpose.
    • Promoting quality public education in Anne Arundel County.
    • Advocating human, civil, and economic rights for all.

    Retired Member Benefits

    • Continue to benefit from Association products and services
    • Stay involved in state and local political issues
    • Protect and enhance retirement income and benefits
    • Provide social opportunities to actively participate in public education
    • Participate in meaningful workshops
    • Participate in MSEA and NEA Conventions



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    Office: 410-224-3330
    Fax: 410-841-5117