• Retired employees and their eligible spouses/dependents 65 or older or Medicare disabled are required to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B in order to participate in the AACPS Retirees’ Healthcare Program.

         Part A provides hospitalization coverage.

         Part B provides standard medical coverage.

         Part D CVS Caremark SilverScript Prescription Program – you will be automatically enrolled when you enroll in AACPS medical supplemental coverage.  If you opt out, no AACPS medical participation is available.

    Social Security permits you to complete the Medicare enrollment process 90 days (in some locations even more) in advance of your Medicare eligibility date.  It is important to apply at the beginning of the 90-day period to ensure your medical coverage, as well as SilverScript prescription benefits, commence with no delay.

    Please submit the Retiree Healthcare Enrollment Application indicating which over 65 plan you would like to enroll in.   Include a copy of your Medicare card with parts A & B effective date.  There is no need to submit the form prior to receiving your Medicare information.

    Failure to provide documentation of the enrollment may result in medical claims being denied, members being responsible for 80% of total bill and/or termination of medical/prescription coverage.

    Medicare and Your AACPS Medical Benefits
    When you enroll in Medicare Parts A and B, your Medicare coverage becomes primary and your AACPS coverage becomes secondary.