Elementary Course Descriptions by Grade Level


    Maryland State Department of Education, Social Studies Standards and Frameworks

    *Anne Arundel County Public Schools is in the process of updating all elementary social studies curriculum to align with the MSDE frameworks released in June of 2020.


    Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2

    Social Studies and Science are integrated as students explore their school, their community and their world. Students are introduced to concepts of civics, economics and geography. 


    Grade 3

    Students explore Anne Arundel County and the greater world community that influences their lives. There is a focus on Environmental Education and the year culminates with an Environmental Action Project. 


    Grade 4

    Students engage in an integrated learning of the history of the United States, using Maryland’s key figures and events as a lens into the national story, while focusing on a more accurate and inclusive story of America prior to colonization through a new nation. *Aligned to the new framework for the 21-22 school year.


    Grade 5

    Students dive into the history of colonial America with a focus on the economics, geography and political events of that time. Students conduct project-based learning to understand the basic concepts of the American Constitution. *Aligned to the new framework for the 22-23 school year