Career-Ready Opportunities

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    We offer all students opportunities to develop career-ready skills. Below is a highlight of some of the opportunities we provide our students.

Centers of Applied Technology

  • The Centers of Applied Technology give students the opportunity to earn industry certifications, state licenses, and college credit. Students can select from a variety of programs to gain technical and academic expertise that can be used for immediate employment or built upon in two or four year colleges, universities, technical schools, or apprenticeship programs. Students in participate in hands-on experiences that may include work-based learning and internship opportunities, as well as college level coursework for which they earn college credits. Learn more about CAT-North and CAT-South.

Internship Opportunities

  • Internship experiences offer students hands-on exposure from within an occupation, industry or career field. AACPS works with school, business, and community partners to offer AACPS students a wide range of internship opportunities for students in a Magnet Program, Signature Program, or taking career-ready coursework. Learn more.

Building Career-Ready Skills

Signature Programs

  • Each AACPS High School has a unique signature. A Signature brings together educators with local business and community leaders to make classroom instruction relevant, interesting, and challenging for students with opportunities that connect to the 21st century workplace.  The signature programs help build career-readiness by providing opportunities for students to participate in mock interviews, internships, job shadowing opportunities, and interacting with guest speakers. Learn more.

Career Completer Pathways

  • Completer programs provide students an opportunity to pursue a sequential technical and academic program of study leading to advancement in a career field. These careers require varying levels of education including high school and postsecondary certificates, apprenticeships, or two- and four-year college degrees. AACPS offers 38 completer programs. Students add value to their overall education by completing CTE programs of study that provide opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials and college credit while still in high school. Explore the various completer programs in the AACPS Program of Study.