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  • Apply

    • Applications open October 14, 2019-November 26, 2019
    • Apply online at aacps.org/magnet
    • Complete an application for up to 2 PVA primes
    • Grade requirements for eligibility: See Magnet Brochure for more details
      • Current 8th grade applicants: 2.5 GPA in grade 7, No Ds or Es, Level 1 World Classical Language Completed
      • Current 9th grade applicants: 2.5 GPA in grade 8, No Ds or Es, Current enrollment in a World Classical Language


    • Auditions are required for all PVA applicants
    • Audition appointments will be assigned by the system once applicants have passed the academic screening
    • Attend Audition Workshops to help you prepare
    • Reference Audition Guides for more information

    Audition Workshops

    • October 24, 2019 - Broadneck HS 6:00-8:00 all music 
    • November 21, 2019 - Broadneck HS 6:00-8:00 all music
    • November 21, 2019 - Studio 39 6:00-8:00 all AHS Primes (register in advance using link below)
      • Register HERE for a place at the Audition Workshop for AHS Primes (Creative Writing, Dance, Film & New Media, Theater: Acting, Theater: Design & Production, Visual Art)


    • All auditions include an interview
    • See the Audition Guides for more information about the interview


    • Students must meet academic requirements to be eligible to audition
    • Students must score at least a 7 on an audition to be eligible for PVA

    Apply Here

    PVA Recruitment and Audition Schedule 2019-2020 (English and Spanish)

    Magnet Brochure 2019-2020 COMING SOON

PVA Late Auditions & Program Transfers

  • Late Applications: Spring

    • Late applications for PVA will be open: 2/3/20- 4/8/20
    • Students must audition to be considered for eligibility: TBD
    • Complete an application and sign up for a late audition here

    Late Applications Information/Requirements

    • In order to be considered for entrance into PVA, students must complete an application, be screened for academic eligibility, and successfully complete an audition.
    • Late applicants are considered based on seat availibilty within the individual Primes after the on time lottery occurs. Students who pass Callbacks or Late Auditions are offered a late waitlist seat in the order in which they apply after all on-time applicants have been offered seats. 
    • Auditions will be offered on a case by case basis, depending on seat availibility for that year. Applications for the program will only be considered during the advertised windows and are not considered after 7th or 10th  grade. 
    • Students may only audition for a maximum of two Primes in a given academic year. If students auditioned for two Primes during the on time auditions, they are not permitted to apply to different Primes during late auditions. 
    • Once a student exits from the PVA Program, they are not permitted to re-enroll. 

     Program Transfers

    • Program transfers are when students want to enter the PVA Program outside of the application window or after 7th or 10th grade. 
    • Transfers into the PVA Program will only be considered if a student is enrolled at the time of request in a school arts program that is deemed to be equivalent to the AACPS PVA Program.  The PVA Department Chair (and/or their designee) at the school into which the student is applying will arrange for an audition or portfolio review to ensure that the student is appropriately prepared for entry into the program and identify any additional PVA requirements if needed.  If sufficient documentation is provided and accepted by PVA leadership and the Magnet Office, a student’s request for a transfer will be granted.

Audition Guides