For Parents

  • If your student is in the Triple E program, you can expect them to become a well-rounded learner who identifies problems and works with whatever resources available to solve them.  Students are being prepared to solve the obstacles of tomorrow by being shown how to connect to their world using a variety of tools and skills.  Students will grow into more independent thinkers and use their own set of unique skills and abilities to interact with their peers, teachers and tackle new problems and situations.  

    The Triple E class is one hour a week. Students learn about concepts involving science, technology, engineering, and math. Students take what they know and try to solve real world issues involving these problems. Most importantly, teachers and students have lots of fun.

    Triple E fosters the growth of the whole child, not just intellectually, but socially as well. Students are challenged to solve problems through a process that allows them to fail, start over, give feedback, take constructive criticism, find multiple paths, use various resources, involve professional connections and publically celebrate and promote their success!