For Teachers

  • The Triple E classroom is much different from the classroom many adults experienced.  This stems from the unique philosophy the Triple E teachers have of teaching and learning.  The Triple E teachers have the freedom to create their own projects to meet a set of standards, which they feel will best connect to their particular group of students.  This allows teachers to bring current popular events or other areas of high student interest into the lessons, which in turn hooks the students into learning.  

    Fear of being graded or judged on  a project is not an issue since currently there are no grades associated with this class.  Instead, students feel safe to explore new ways of learning something or a unique way to show understanding or mastery of a topic.  The goal is to get students excited about learning. However, the completion of a project isn't the end of the learning experience for students.  Instead, students and teachers are excited to share their projects off to families,  other students, and school staff.  Be on the look out for presentations, displays, and other events hosted by the school's Triple E students and teachers.