For Students

  • For students, the Triple E program has a very different feel that the traditional classroomin which many adults experienced.  Students in Triple E are required to work in pairs or as a group to solve problems, students are allowed to fail, and then try again (think trial and error), and students have choices.  Choices on the type of project they work on, choices of materials, choices on how to present the knowledge they gained through participating as a group to work on a common problem.

    This is just a small taste of what students will face when they get into the real world.  Triple E is preparing students to master team work skills, read body language, compromise, have confidence in their ideas and their abilities, and interact with a wide range of personalities.  By encouraging students to work in this type of environment, students begin to see themselves as capable and masters of their own learning, and thereby grow into creative thinkers and problem solvers.