Resources for Students and Families

  • There are a variety of resources available for students to serve others.  Below is a list of organizations that help match up students who wish to serve with service programs.

Service Learning Portal Documents

  • The documents below are for students, teachers, and partners who use our portal. If you would like more information on how to get involved with the portal, please contact your school's Signature Program Facilitator or Lori Fowler, at 410-222-5391.


    Students and Families


    Recovery Hours

    Students earn service learning hours in grades 5 - 11. These hours are embedded in the curriculum and are completed as part of their regular school day, with occasional out of class assignments. There are instances when students are not able to complete these hours due to extenuating circumstances. The following project can be completed if needed. Parents will be contacted if service learning recovery hours are needed. Please contact your school's Service Learning Liaison or Lori Fowler with any questions. 




    Community Partners and Teachers 

    Note for Teachers: To post service opportunities for students, teachers, club advisors, and coaches should register for the portal as a "Partner".  To receive administrator access (to engage with and manage your students on the portal), please e-mail 


  • Lori Fowler
    Manager of Service Learning and Mentorships

    Mary Tillar
    Asst. Superintendent, Advanced Studies and Programs