Vision and Mission Statements




     Boy lying in the grass reading with a book that shows the world and himself




    The vision of the Office of Elementary Reading and Integrated Literacy is to provide mirrors and windows for students to see themselves and learn about the world through integrated literacy experiences, while empowering teachers and leaders with the necessary tools and knowledge to grow students as readers, writers, and thinkers to excel in an evolving digital world.



    • Collaborate with all stakeholders to include teachers, leaders, parents, MSDE, other content offices, and community partnerships in literary decision-making.
    • Evaluate policies, practices, and materials to support instruction of the Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards.
    • Create high quality curriculum, assessments, professional development, community of learners, and a culture that fosters a love of reading and writing in an ever-changing technological world.
    • Communicate the developments and best practices in English Language Arts with all stakeholders.
    • Educate teachers, leaders, parents, and community members in all facets of literacy.
    • Advocate for policies, practices, the role of the reading teacher, and the academic success of all students as it relates to literacy.