• Solo

    AACPS students in grades 9-12, who are members in good standing of the vocal and/or instrumental ensembles in their school, may choose to participate in the Vocal or Instrumental Solo and Ensemble Festival. The rules and regulations pertaining to Solo & Ensemble Festival can be accessed through www.mmea-maryland.org. Students who earn a rating of I or II in a solo or ensemble performance are eligible to purchase Anne Arundel County medals at a cost of $8.00. These may be purchased at the "medal table" at the festival. Students will be required to show their adjudication form or certificate. Students are reminded that only model behavior is expected during the festival. Students are encouraged to dress professionally. Memorization of solo music is not required for instrumentalists, nor is it recommended. Memorization is required for vocal soloists, however. Ratings at the Solo and Ensemble Festival will not be posted. Comment sheets will be issued to students through instrumental directors. Comment sheets remaining at the end of the day will be mailed to the director