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    2019 Music Camps @ NorthBay!




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                Todd Burroughs           Andrew Spang           Matthew Heist


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                           T.C O'Brien           Sara Metcalfe      Victoria Scalfaro                                 





    sl sb wehi

                Scott Laird         Sandra Balderson    Kevin Wisniewski


    July 21-25, 2019

    Gala Concerts at NorthBay – Thursday, July 25, 2019

    1:00 PM – Band Concert

    2:00 PM – Chorus Concert

    4:00 PM – Strings Camp


    Payment in full is due by May 31, 2019.


    All music applicants are required to audition on either February 26 and 27. On the day of the audition students will report to the sign-in tables in the lobby and cafeteria at Magothy Middle School.  The ten minute audition will consist of prepared selections, scales and brief sight-reading examples. The audition score is based on a rubric that includes technique, correct notes, tempo, phrasing, interpretation and tone quality. 



    Band Audition Requirements

    Advanced Band

    Intermediate Band   

    Intermediate Percussion     



    Chorus Audition Requirements

    Mixed Chorus                     

    Womens Chorus   



    Orchestra Audition Requirements

    Advanced Orchestra      

    Intermediate Bass

    Intermediate Cello       

    Intermediate Viola          

    Intermediate Violin                                                           


    If you have any other questions, please contact the specific camp manager:

    Band Camp: Carol Cox (ccox1@aacps.org)

    Chorus Camp: Nancy Wilson (nwilson@aacps.org)

    Orchestra Camp: Kimberly McCollum (kmccollum@aacps.org) 

    Logistics Assistant: Heather Schimpf (hschimpf@aacps.org)




    Senior Counselors must be an AACPS music teacher and Junior Counselors must by eighteen by April 28, 2019. Current seniors in high school are also not eligible to apply. 

    ALL participants must complete the Online Application

    Deadline: April 5, 2019

    The Music Office will contact notify applicants in May.

  • Volunteers

    The AACPS Music Office is currently looking for volunteers for the 2019 Anne Arundel County Public Schools Summer Music Camps at NorthBay. 

    Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

    • assisting in the kitchen and helping to facilitate all meals
    • being a role model in all activities including recreational
    • moving and assembling equipment and supplies as requested

    Volunteers that specifally work in the kitchen preparing meals, washing dishes, and other kitchen related tasks, will receive a $275 scholarship to be used towards their student’s camp tuition.

    Volunteers must by eighteen by April 26, 2019. Current seniors in high school are also not eligible. 

    ALL volunteers must complete the Online Application

    Volunteers must by eighteen by April 26, 2019. Current seniors in high school are also not eligible. 

    Deadline: April 26, 2019

    The Music Office will contact you after April 26, 2019 to give the next steps in the application process.