Online Schools

  • Enrolling a student in online instruction is an alternative home-instruction choice.  Most, but not all, online instruction falls under the category of Home Instruction.  Parents may choose to enroll their students in online courses from any provider and bring information about that coursework to their twice-yearly program reviews. Printouts summarizing the courses, percentage of course completed, and grade or level of mastery are part of the documentation for online instruction.  Be aware that online schools do not necessarily provide instruction in all seven of the required subjects. Parents may need to supplement online instruction with elective courses which meet the requirements in Maryland.  

    There is one online school approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to operate as a private (nonpublic) school.  This school is International Connections Academy.  If you choose to enroll your child full-time with International Connections Academy, your student will not be considered a home-school student.  Rather, students complete all of their instruction and supervision through the approved online school, and are considered enrolled in a private school.