Bridge to Excellence Master Plan

  • In December, 2014 the Maryland State Superintendent of Schools formally approved AACPS Race to the Top/Bridge to Excellence Annual update. This update provides information on AACPS:

    • No Child Left Behind Goals
    • Budget
    • Graduation
    • Safe Schools
    • Attendance
    • Specific Local Goals and Indicators
    • Federal Grants

    The Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act requires local school systems to develop a five-year comprehensive master plan that includes goals and strategies to promote academic excellence for all students and to eliminate performance gap that persist based on students race, ethnicity, socioeconomic circumstances, disability, and native language.

    The overarching themes of the Bridge to Excellence Master Plan are closely aligned to those of the federal NO Child Left Behind legislation, the Maryland State Department of Education's Visionary Panel recommendations for accelerating achievements for all students, and your own AACPS goals. Curriculum, Instruction and teacher quality, alignment, accountability and funding are major areas of concentration for each of the federal, state, and local initiatives. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act Performance Goals provide a framework under which AACPS has organized performance targets and strategies to reach those targets.


Bridge to Excellence Annual Update