Counseling Offered by AACPS

  • School counselors, school psychologists, school social workers (where available), and school nurses can offer counseling and support to students who have been the targets of bullying and harassment in order to ensure that these (and all) students feel safe and supported..  These student services staff members provide individual and small group counseling, monitoring of Safety Plans, as well as classroom lessons and facilitation of schoolwide activities.  If you feel your child is in need of support from a member of the school’s student services team, please contact the school counseling office to discuss your concerns.

    More about Reporting Bullying and Harassment

    The Safe Schools Reporting Act of 2010 mandates the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to require county boards of education to report incidents of harassment or intimidation (bullying) against students attending a public school. The law requires that the following be reported:

    • A description of the act constituting the harassment or intimidation (bullying);
    • The age of the victim and alleged perpetrator;
    • The allegation of the alleged perpetrator’s motive;
    • A description of the investigation of the complaint and any corrective action taken by the appropriate school authorities;
    • The number of days a student is absent from school, if any, as a result of the incident; and
    • The number of false allegations reported.