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    AVID is an elective program that helps students achieve the necessary skills required to be eligible for university acceptance. AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. 

    At its heart, AVID is a philosophy…

    Hold students accountable to the highest standards,

    provide academic and social support

    and they will rise to the challenge.

    The AVID program at Arundel Senior High School is designed for motivated students who have a grade point average above a 2.0,  are currently enrolled in or will attempt to enroll in Honors and Advanced Placement courses, and have a strong work ethic necessary for individual success. AVID students benefit from the additional study and time management skills enhanced in the AVID classroom. AVID students are expected to be individually motivated and determined to achieve university acceptance at the end of their high school career.

    • 204 AVID students enrolled in our program
    • Senior Scholarship offers in 2015 exceeded $1.4 million
    • 89% of our AVID Seniors accepted into a 4-year university in 2015
    • AVID Site Team membership has increased by 75%
    • The overall GPA of our AVID students enrolled in the program has shown growth

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