Readmission Process


    Readmission Review Board (EXPULSIONS ONLY)

    A team of Anne Arundel County Public Schools personnel who meet with students and parents to review applications for readmission from expulsion. Readmission conferences from an expulsion are held in May, July, and December each year.


    Readmission from Expulsion

    Upon approval, students will be allowed to apply for readmission to the Anne Arundel County Public Schools through the Readmission Review Board at the beginning of the semester closest to the end of the period of expulsion.

    Readmission from Extended Suspension

    Parents /guardians may be required to seek readmission to the regular school program for their child as a result of an extended suspension. They should contact the Director of Safe and Orderly Schools in writing and request a conference to discuss under what arrangements their child may return to school.