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    Role of the Beginning Teacher Liaison

    Serving as a BTL is a very important leadership role in the school. The principal is encouraged to share this important leadership opportunity with ALL qualified teachers. The best candidate is a friendly teacher genuinely interested in doing this important work.

    A Beginning Teacher Liaison is a teacher who:

    • serves as an ambassador for your school and a liaison to new teachers at your school.
    • welcomes new teachers and serves as a guide and support person throughout the year.
    • assists new teachers to connect with colleagues.
    • demonstrates knowledge about our AACPS organization, policies and school practices and procedures.
    • knows and supports the positive culture of the school and the community.
    • demonstrates professional behavior, is respected by colleagues, possesses a positive attitude, exhibits empathy and is collaborative.


    Welcome to Our School Session

    The Welcome to Our School session is facilitated by the designated BTL with guidance provided by Right Start, New Teacher Support.  Session resources, agendas, and requirements are located on the Beginning Teacher Liaison intranet page.

    In addition to leading the Welcome to Our School session on the first afternoon of New Teacher Onboarding Kickoff, the BTL collaborates with other colleagues to create, enhance, and support a year-long welcoming environment for new teachers.

    The BTL earns a stipend in accordance with the TAAAC Negotiated Agreement for preparation and facilitation of the Welcome to Our School session and may earn APC credit for completing a minimum of 15 New Teacher Welcome activities.

    Welcome Activities and APC Credit

    The BTL may earn one APC credit for leading new teacher welcome activities each marking period. Activities should be brief and support a welcoming environment for new teachers. BTLs are encouraged to “check in” regularly with new teachers. Suggested activities for the beginning and end of the year as well as each marking period are indicated on the Menu of Activities link below. The BTL may modify or create other new teacher welcome and support activities in collaboration with the school’s leadership team.

    Information regarding school-based new teacher welcome activities and details regarding earning APC credit are found on the links below: