• The Infants and Toddlers Program has a “transdisciplinary” style of service. “Transdisciplinary” means that professionals from one discipline (such as special education or physical therapy) incorporate many of the goals of other disciplines (such as speech pathology and occupational therapy) in their work with your child.

    The field of early intervention recognizes that children cannot be divided into distinct components. Therefore, professionals from one discipline are trained to facilitate the development of skills that are in the province of other disciplines. This is particularly the case in language development. Both speech pathologists and developmental specialists are well trained in devising and implementing language development programs with children who are demonstrating delays in communication.

    At AACPS, we strongly believes in a “family-centered” philosophy. That means that ITP staff will work closely with you to make sure that the strategies and activities that are recommended can be incorporated into daily life activities. The primary services that are offered by ITP staff include: 

    • Special Instruction
    • Speech Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Behavioral Support
    • Family Support/Social Work
    • Nursing (for evaluation and monitoring)
    • Vision/Hearing Consultations
    • Psychological services (for evaluation and assessment)

    In addition, ITP offers specialty classes/trainings for children and their families in the areas of language development, behavior strategies, and sensory processing.