• AVID Proven Achievement. Lifelong Advantage. Figure of a person throwing a graduation cap in the air. Program Overview

    AVID is an academic encore class comprised of 200 students. To become a part of AVID students are invited to complete an application and an interview.  The mission of AVID is to prepare students in underrepresented populations in college for the rigor of college.

    AVID is designed to provide academic support to students in the middle in order to prepare them for eligibility for success in four year colleges and universities.  During the AVID elective, students focus on writing, reading, inquiry, collaboration and organization.  Students will participate in building critical thinking skills and college exploration.  Students will participate in cooperative groups designed on self-assessment to support success in academic core classes.


    • 75% off all AVID students at SMS are in Advanced Classes
    • 95% of 8th grade SMS AVID students are in level 1 Foreign Language
    • 94% of SMS AVID students receive a C or better in all classes.
    • 100% of 8th grade students are accepted in to AVID at Southern High School