The Adoption Process

  • CAMO announces courses selected for instructional materials adoptions each year through a structured process.  CAMO works in partnership with the Curriculum & Instruction and Purchasing offices to develop, negotiate, and award an RFP. The RFP details the content areas, courses, and standards to be addressed. Additionally, it provides evaluation and adoption procedures, vendor requirements, publisher responsibilities, and terms and conditions. Instructional materials are typically contracted for a period of six years.

    Current solicitations and related amendments are announced at:

    Prior Solicitations


    Date Announced

    Date Awarded

    SY Implementation

    FY24 Solicitation

    September 2022

    May 2023


      FY23 Solicitation  

    September 2021

    May 2022 2022/2023

      FY22 Solicitation  

    September 2020

    May 2021 2021/2022

    FY21 Solicitation

    September 2019

    May 2020 2020/2021

    FY20 Solicitation

    September 2018

    May 2019 2019/2020

    FY19 Solicitation

    September 2017

    May 2018


    FY18 Solicitation

    September 2016

    March 2017


    FY17 Solicitation

    November 2015

    March 2016


    FY16 Solicitation

    July 2014

    March 2015


  •   Process Outline

    I.  RFP Announced

    1. Vendors given four weeks to review the document, ask questions about process and/or deliverables, and submit a proposal

    2. Due date and time are firm

    II.  Review & Evaluation of Submitted Materials

    1. AACPS evaluation committees review all materials submitted

    2. Committees, including committee members names, are closed to all outside parties

    3. Vendors are restricted from all communication with AACPS related to the materials under review. All such communications must be made through the Curriculum Aligned Materials Office (CAMO) and Purchasing Offices only.

    4. Structured interviews may be requested at the discretion of the committee

    III.  Nomination of Selected Materials

    1. Committees make a recommendation to the Content Coordinator

    2. The nomination is presented to the Executive Leadership team for consideration

    IV.  Adoption

    1. Adoption(s) require final approval from the Superintendent of Schools

    2. The Superintendent reserves the right to make unilateral decisions deemed in the best interest of AACPS

    V.  Contract Negotiation

    1. AACPS obtains firm pricing for adopted materials

    2. CAMO and Purchasing meet with successful vendors to negotiate contract
    3. AACPS executes contract upon AACPS Board of Education approval

    VI.  Orders

    1. CAMO prepares purchase orders for new adoptions and replacement quantities for previously adopted materials

    2. Payments are made via procurement cards upon shipment of material

    3. Vendors ship orders directly to each school site


  • Jason Brutvan                          
    Program Manager, STA
    Main: 410-222-5404
    Review Office: 443-770-5149

    Christina (Tina) Hodges                          
    Technician, STA
    Main: 410-222-5314
    Review Office: 443-770-5163

    Morgan Buckwalter                          
    Technician, STA
    Main: 410-224-6138
    Review Office: 443-770-5153

    Laura Smith                          
    Senior Buyer, Purchasing