“Going through the NBC process has made me truly understand the meaning of perseverance and reflective practice.” Melissa Angerson, Old Mill MS South

    “Being a NBCT means that I am reflective about my own practice and that of school counselors system-wide”.  Lucia Martin, Office of School Counseling.

    “It has meant knowing and being more aware of how I am able to reach my students.  It means being more reflective and therefore continuously improving my teaching.  The process and results have been energizing and refreshing.  I love being a life-long learner”.  Janet Gonski,  Marley MS

    “After 19 years, it has brought me the confidence to apply for a resource position as a reading specialist”.  Jan Spicknall, South Shore ES

    “NBC has been a great journey into my own teaching and how I can impact my students each day”.  Angela St. Pierre, Old Mill HS

    “It helped me become a better and more reflective teacher.  This was the best professional development!”  Debbie Witt, Early Childhood Office.

    “To me, being certified helps me feel as though I am doing all I can for my students and that I am capable of helping others do the same”.  Gina Fisher. Benfield ES

    “NBC means professional development and mentoring.  It also encompasses a certification to show a level of excellence recognized nationally”.  Barbara Holcomb, Point Pleasant ES

    “NBC gives exceptional teachers the voice and confidence to continue professional development at the highest levels.”  Dessolene Davis, AP Crofton ES

    “The NBC process provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my teaching practices and take my teaching in a new direction which impacts my students daily”.  Kate Rishar, North Glen ES

    “The process has made me evaluate my skills and abilities as an educator.  It has made me more confident in my knowledge, educational decisions, and my leadership skills”.  Kathy Hart, Brooklyn Park ES

    “It signifies my devotion and dedication to the teaching profession”.  Hilary Jump, South Shore ES

    “It means that I am striving to be the best teacher I can be for my students of the present and the future!”  Angela Ricciuti, AP Rippling Woods ES

    “NBC has given me the confidence to reach out and help others”.  Helen Mihm, Crofton MS

    “I learned that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to.  It means I reflect on everything I teach and do”.  Tamara Dingman, High Point ES

    “Going through NBC is like trying out for the Olympics for teachers!  It requires extreme strategic dedication of time and talent and is life-changing!”  Sue Casler, Crofton MS

    “It allowed me to connect with teachers in all fields.  It renewed my belief that AACPS has a dynamite group of teaching professionals.  I am proud to be associated with them.”  Anne Marie Dammeyer, Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center.

    “It is the most challenging and rewarding professional development experience that leads you to becoming a master teacher in your specific area.”  Geri Cvetic, Chesapeake HS

    “It is an opportunity to constantly reflect on your teaching and your students’ achievement.  It is a process that encourages teachers to exemplify high standards and answer the question, ‘What can I do to be a better teacher?’”  Laura Cimbolic, Chesapeake HS

    “Earning NBC challenges me to embed the standards into my teaching every day”.  Claudia Murphy, Belvedere ES

    “It has been the greatest professional development course of study.  I have grown as a leader, learner, and most of all, an instrument of change for students.”  Cindy Washington, Marley MS

    “NBC gives me wonderful opportunities to self-reflect on my teaching,” Tracy Spain, Hilltop ES

    “Being a NBC teacher has meant growth and opportunity for me.  The personal reflection of my teaching style and how my students learn was invaluable.  Attaining certification helped open doors of leadership within the county for me and helped prepare me to work with other teachers in my new role as a resource teacher”.  Laura Espinosa, Assistant Principal, Sunset ES.

    “Being a NBCT is an honor.  I truly learned the impact of my commitment to the education of my students.  Reflecting on my teaching was a valuable learning experience.  Learning, knowing, and implementing the core propositions helped me to provide my students with valuable learning experiences.  The NBC process is hard work, but it was worth it!”   Suzanne Gerczynski, Glen Burnie Park ES

    “I have been humbled by this experience in many ways.  I highly recommend this opportunity to become a part of this unique professional learning community both locally and on a National level.”  Angela Reisler, NBC Lead Support Teacher, NBC Office/HR