Support at AACPS

  • Monthly Candidate Meetings will be run virtually:


    Initial candidates will meet one evening monthly to review components and teach candidates skills for successful submission of their portfolio and assessment. These meetings are run by National Board Lead Professional Learning Facilitators (PLFs).  The meeting topics range from reviewing individual components and writing styles, review of component directions, NBC standard review, and even guidance on how to upload the components to the NBC Portal.


    The Content-specific cohorts will be run virtually:


    The Professional Learning Facilitators (PLF) run VIRTUAL “office hours” and monthly virtual content-specific meetings where candidates can signup to work with the PLF, or a candidate can just show up during office hours and work in the room or just ask questions.  A PLF can also do 1 hour of going over an entry with the whole group for the first few months to highlight what they are doing in the general meetings, and then use the other 2 hours as office hours or drop-in time.  


    School-based cohort meetings will be run face-to-face (except at the AACPS Virtual Academy which will run virtually):


    School-based Cohort meetings are bimonthly meetings that will occur at schools with a willing Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF) who will focus on working with candidates who work at their particular school.  In the meetings, the PLF could help candidates review standards and component directions, and facilitate questions concerning the portfolio and the assessment. As the year progresses, the school-based cohort candidates can use the time to review videos of lessons, write their portfolio, and give moral support to candidates pursuing National Board Certification at their school.