• There is no single greater effect on a child’s education than the quality of the teacher that they have in their classroom. Research shows that students of NBCTs outperform their peers in classroom and achievement tests. Further, school districts that have a high number of NBCTs see improvements not just in student performance but in collaboration between teachers and the culture of their schools. It shows our community that we have teachers of the highest professional standards. So as a NBCT, you not only strengthen our profession but you also strengthen our students and our higher academic aspirations.  We thank you for what you are doing. Our students are fortunate to have teachers dedicated who are life-long learners. I hope you will continue to encourage your colleagues about the value of pursuing NBC so that AACPS can be the county with the most NBCTs to further impact student learning and we can continue to engage, empower and educate all children in our county. It is a program we will continue to support.

    Impact Brief

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