Alternative Center for Education (ACE)

  • The ACE programs provide a small and supportive alternative learning environment for middle school students who need a temporary change from the traditional classroom. Students receive high-quality instruction in English, Math, Social Studies, and Science for one quarter of the school year. Designed for students enrolled in Annapolis, Bates, Brooklyn Park, Corkran and Marley Middle Schools.

    Where would I attend the Alternative Center for Education?

    • Students from Annapolis and Bates Middle School would attend ACE South @ the Boys and Girls Club of Annapolis at the Bates Complex.
    • Students from Brooklyn Park and Marley and Corkran Middle Schools would attend ACE North at the H2O 4 Life Adolescent Clubhouse, Building C, located at 5317 Ritchie Highway, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225.  .

     * Placement into the ACE program is dependent upon a referral by a staff member at either of the 5 middle schools being served by this program. This is not a program of choice. 



  • John Perry
    Site Administrator, ACE South

    Paul DeRoo
    Site Administrator, ACE North