Middle School DALI (Grades 6-8)

  • ALPs Logo Differentiated Advanced Learning Initiative (DALI)

    The purpose of DALI is to meet Maryland State regulations requiring specialized instruction for identified gifted students in language arts and math at the middle school level. Students are provided DALI opportunities in grades 6, 7, and 8 based on the results of universal screening completed in second grade and fifth grade. The DALI tasks engage gifted students in the application of concepts and skills at a higher level of cognitive demand. 

  • DALI Language Arts

    DALI Language Arts tasks are embedded within the English/Language Arts core-curriculum in grades 6, 7, and 8. Students will 

    • analyze complex texts,
    • consider multiple perspectives of characters and stakeholders when analyzing complex texts,
    • conduct authentic research using multiple sources,
    • identify and examine common themes or concepts among texts and across disciplines, and
    • respond to and generate complex questions.

  • DALI Mathematics

    DALI Mathematics tasks are embedded within the Mathematics core-curriculum in Math 6/7 and Math 7/8. Students will

    • engage in standards-based concepts through a variety of investigations, projects, and simulations,
    • explore math concepts in depth to make transdisciplinary connections using the vocabulary of mathematicians,
    • analyze and evaluate the mathematical thinking and strategies of others through discourse,
    • determine alternate strategies and solutions for solving open-ended, higher-level math problems, and
    • investigate real-world applications of mathematics as they relate to careers in the field.

    In the area of Mathematics, students identified as gifted are enrolled in the compacted advanced math courses. Gifted students will enroll in: Math 6/7 in Grade 6, Math 7/8 in Grade 7, Algebra 1 in Grade 8. Note: These courses of studies are contingent on the success in each course.


  • Michele DiGiulian
    Coordinator: Advanced Learning  (PreK-12)

    Ainsley Hvizda
    Advanced Learner Programs Teacher Specialist (PreK-2)

    Ginny Allen
    Advanced Learner Programs Teacher Specialist (3-8)