Primary ALPs (Pre-K-Grade 2)

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    The Primary Talent Development (PTD) ALPs Implementation Team provides resources and support to strengthen and refine teachers' capacity to develop talent and provide appropriate levels of challenge for PreKindergarten -Grade 2 students.

    Talent Development

    The Maryland State Department of Education's Primary Talent Development (PTD) Program, (MSDE, 2009) is taught by the classroom teacher to all primary students in grades PreKindergarten through Grade Two.  The program provides students with open-ended, hands-on experiences that promote the thinking behaviors indicative of talent and/or advanced learning capabilities.

    • Appropriate Levels of Challenge 

    Meeting the needs of primary students demonstrating advanced learning capabilities or advanced achievement is supported through school-based, collaborative support to teachers.  Support may include but is not limited to, the following programs:

    • Jacob's Ladder Primary (Grades K-2)
    • William and Mary:  Beyond Words (Grade 2)
    • Mentoring Young Mathematicians (Grades 1&2)
  • Don Counts
    Coordinator for Pre-K-12 Advanced Learning

    Melanie Carter
    Primary Talent Development Teacher Specialist (Pre-K-2)