Primary Advanced Learner Programs (Pre-K-Grade 2)

  • ALPs Logo The Primary Talent Development (PTD) ALPs Implementation Team provides resources and support to strengthen and refine teachers' capacity to develop talent and provide appropriate levels of challenge for Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 2 students.


    Talent Development

    The Maryland State Department of Education's Primary Talent Development (PTD) Program, (MSDE, 2009) is taught by the classroom teacher to all primary students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Two. The program provides students with open-ended, hands-on experiences that promote the thinking behaviors indicative of talent and/or advanced learning capabilities.

    Appropriate Levels of Challenge 

    Meeting the needs of primary students demonstrating advanced learning capabilities or advanced achievement is supported through school-based, collaborative support to teachers. Support may include but is not limited to, the following programs:

  • Stepping Stones

    Stepping Stones is a primary reading curriculum designed for students demonstrating advanced capabilities. Above-grade level texts were selected to add depth and complexity to engage students in concept-based learning. Tasks encourage critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, and research. The Stepping Stones curriculum also includes a social and emotional development component that addresses students’ connections to the texts and exploration of the concept.     

  • Jacob's Ladder

     Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder Primary (Grades K-2) Jacob’s Ladder is a research-based reading comprehension strategy that was developed by the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary. Its intention is to increase students’ interest in reading and aids students in their journey towards becoming critical readers. Through an inquiry process, students move from a basic understanding to critical analysis of texts. 


  • William and Mary Beyond Words (Grade 2)

     William and Mary Beyond Words (Grade 2)

    The Beyond Words curriculum is developed by the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary. It is designed to meet the needs of high-ability students in reading and language arts. The lessons engage students in critical, literary thinking using advanced reading selections chosen for their complexity, depth, and relevance. Beyond Words includes higher-level questioning, persuasive writing, oral communication, and the study of language. 

  • Ready Common Core Math Challenges (Grades K-2)

     Ready Common Core

    The Ready Common Core Math challenges provide weekly opportunities for students to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, while building upon their prior knowledge. Students are encouraged to use a variety of approaches to convey their mathematical understandings and problem-solving strategies; this could include oral presentations, written explanations, and physical, graphical, pictorial, or symbolic representations. 


  • Michele DiGiulian
    Coordinator: Advanced Learning  (PreK-12)

    Ainsley Hvizda
    Advanced Learner Programs Teacher Specialist (PreK-2)