2018-2019 School Calendar

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2018-2019 Calendar Notes

  • Inclement Weather & Emergency School Closings 

    This calendar has two days built in at the end of the school year for emergency closings, making the school year 183 student days and 193 teacher days. If any of the two emergency days are not used, they shall be deducted from the June closing date.

    If more than two additional makeup days are needed:

    • Tuesday, March 5, may be used as a potential makeup day.
    • If emergency closings affect the end of any marking period, the calendar will be adjusted and the marking period extended so that both early dismissal days occur at the end of the marking period. This applies to all schools.
    • There must be one non-student day between the second and third marking periods.

    Religious Observances

    Tests and examinations shall not be scheduled on the day of a major religious observance. Tests and examinations for evening high school will not be scheduled on the day a religious observance begins. Jewish and Muslim dates are set according to the Lunar calendar; they begin at sundown on the preceding evening and conclude at sundown on the dates noted.  

    • August 22: Eid al-Adha
    • September 10: Rosh Hashanah
    • September 19: Yom Kippur 
    • June 5: Eid-al-Fitr

    Testing Dates

    Testing dates are subject to change dependent on the Maryland State Department of Education’s testing calendar.