• The curriculum for each of our high school Signature Programs is crafted to be rich with opportunities to see learning come alive through purposeful engaging activities and planned opportunities for students to meet professionals working in industry, government, and organizations throughout the public and private sectors. Signature Explorations Courses exist in every high school. These unique courses are semester or year-long survey offerings that introduce students to their school's Signature theme. These workforce-relevant Signature Exploration courses are collaboratively designed by AACPS educators and community/business partners working alongside one another. Below is a list of Signature Program themes for each of our comprehensive high schools.


Signature Program Themes by High School

  • The unique themes of our 13 High School Signature Programs

    Graphic showing Signature Logos

Curricular Overlays

  • What is an Overlay?Signature overlays are lessons written collaboratively by content teachers and community business/organization partners to integrate Signature Topics into the regular math, social studies, English, and science courses. The overlays provide career relevance and authentic examples where academic coursework can be used in the real world.

    Examples of Signature Overlays

    • An AP Government class at Broadneck High School is learning about Media Literacy. The teacher may choose to incorporate Broadneck's Signature Program theme of Environmental Literacy into the lesson by having the students read and discuss articles and laws showcasing opposing views on an environmental topic such as fracking. The articles and discussion questions are chosen by the teacher and community partners working collaboratively to enhance the traditional curriculum.


    • At North County High School, English students reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn may study the importance of the Mississippi River as a conduit for transportation and trade as they discuss the book. At North County High, where the Signature theme is International Trade, Transportation, and Tourism, spending additional time discussing transportation and trade while reading Huck Finn, may help students better understand the role water can play in career opportunities. This is especially true for students of Anne Arundel County who live near one of the largest port cities and largest estuaries in the nation.


  • In addition to Signature Exploration courses, we also offer Signature-related lessons to be used in Advisory periods in each high school. Signature-themed lessons are created by Signature Site Coordinators in collaboration with community members or Signature Program Integrated Community Stakeholder Team (ICST) members. They are designed to be implemented school-wide at targeted times throughout the school year during Advisory Periods to increase students career awareness and career planning knowledge and skills.