Maryland Hall

  • Maryland Hall art for all logo with a blue box with three arched blue windows Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis offers after-school and Saturday courses in the creative and performing arts for students in grades K-12.

    The Winter/Spring brochure will be available in November!

    Please be sure to note the application deadlines listed on the application.  Due to program restrictions, late applications may NOT be accepted.

    Sculpting, painting, jewelry design, classical ballet and acting are just some of the classes offered for ages five to seventeen to engage in and with the arts throughout the year. Scholarship applications and course offering booklets are distributed in schools for fall, winter/spring, and summer sessions. A course catalog and application form is available through the guidance office at each school.

    Students who are not selected for an AACPS scholarship may contact Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts directly and pay for the courses or apply for a scholarship through Maryland Hall. Please call them directly at (410) 263-5544 or you may visit for further assistance with the scholarship process.

    For further information, contact Betty Elder, 410-787-7317,

    Applying for Financial Aid

    Note: Applications for the Scholarship Assistance Program are due by 3:00 PM on the deadline date!

    As part of the AACPS Student Scholarship Assistance Program, Maryland Hall has agreed to cover twenty percent of the total annual enrollment costs for classes offered to school-aged children from AACPS. Applicants from AACPS identified as students of need will be prioritized for placement. (In order to qualify, students must be able to qualify for Free and Reduced Meal [FARM] status.) This program is only open to AACPS need-based students.

    Mail scholarship applications to:

    ATTN: Linda Rau
    Advanced Co-Curricular Programs Office
    2644 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401
    FAX: 410-222-5608

    Due to the additional information needed for the scholarship process, late applications WILL NOT be accepted.






  • Betty Elder
    Co-Curricular Teacher Specialist

    Linda Rau
    Administrative Assistant for Advanced Studies and Programs