The Stock Market Game

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    AACPS students in grades 4-12, with the assistance of the Maryland Council on Economic Education, have an opportunity to play this exciting game where teams compete to build the most valuable portfolio of stocks as they learn research strategies, mathematics, trends, and how to budget and earn.  Students compete with 'Real World' stock values that run parallel to the real Stock Market.


    What is the Stock Market Game™ Program?

    The Stock Market Game™ (SMG) is an educational simulation that teaches about the stock markets, the American economic system and the global economy. Participants develop skills in math, language arts, research and critical thinking, while building and maintaining a stock portfolio. SMG™ is used in grades 4-12, college courses, and by those who seek to learn more about investing. Since 1977, over 8 million students have participated in this national program.

    Students make all transactions using a personal computer linked to the Internet. Secondly, students access research materials about companies through the SMG™ home page. Students may also tap into free research reports from Standard and Poor’s and EDGAR, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s database. Third, students may check stock prices and monitor any portfolio changes throughout the trading day. Computers make the Game more educational, interesting and fun.

    How Does SMG™ Work?

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