St. Johns College

  • St. Johns College logo- Facio Liberos ex Liberis Libris Libraqve The St. John's Seminar is open to Advanced or Honors level English or Social Studies students. Invitations are sent to high school department chairs in the early fall for 20-40 students to discuss works of literature, poetry or historical significance with St. John's tutors.

    Information regarding upcoming offerings will be posted shortly. 

    Selections for the seminars vary from year to year.  Below are examples selected in previous years:

    Honors and AP English teachers selected the following works:

    • Bishop- In the Waiting Room
    • Chekhov- Short story trilogy: The Man in the Case, Gooseberries, About Love
    • Donne- No Man is an Island
    • Montaigne- On Friendship
    • Shakespeare- Sonnet #116 “Let me not to the marriage of true minds”
    • Sophocles- Antigone

    Honors and AP History teachers chose from the following works:

    • King- Letter from Birmingham Jail
    • Klein- History and the Liberal Arts
    • Lincoln- Cooper Union Speech
    • Marx- Communist Manifesto, Preamble and Section #1
    • Plutarch- Lives of Lycurgus and Solon
    • Declaration of Independence