US Naval Academy

  • US Naval Academy shield logo The Advanced Study Program at the US Naval Academy is sponsored and funded by the AACPS Advanced Co-Curricular Programs Office. Only public school students may attend during the fall and spring semesters of the school year. During the summer session, the program is also open to non-public school students for a fee. The program consists of advanced studies in mathematics, computer applications, humanities, and the sciences for grades six through twelve. In addition to the regular classes, the Advanced Studies Program at the USNA also offers several Saturday morning “hands-on” physics lab demonstrations during the school year. Parents and teachers are welcome to attend with the middle and high school students.

    Summer 2018 program catalogue

    A course catalogue and application form are available through the school counseling office at each school.

    During the summer, the USNA offers its own STEM programs for middle school students in addition to the courses offered in conjunction with AACPS.

    Please be sure to note the application deadlines listed on the application.  Due to program restrictions, late applications may NOT be accepted.




  • Betty Elder
    Co-Curricular Teacher Specialist

    Linda Rau
    Administrative Assistant for Advanced Studies and Programs