Voluntary Benefits FAQs

  • Does AACPS offer other benefits?

    Yes, AACPS provides a comprehensive benefits package. This includes several voluntary benefit options which are available through convenient payroll deduction.

    What voluntary benefits does AACPS offer?

    • Maryland 529 (College Savings)
    • Credit Union
    • Savings Account via direct deposit
    • Long-term care insurance
    • US Savings Bonds
    • TAAAC sponsored insurance
    • AEL sponsored insurance
    • SAAAAC sponsored insurance
    • AFSCME sponsored insurance
    • Income insurance, life insurance and disability insurance

    When can I enroll?

    There are no special enrollment times for these benefits, with the exception of Long-term Care (during fall Open Enrollment). You may take advantage of these benefits at any time during your employment with AACPS. Don’t miss out – take the time to review this valuable information! If you have questions, please contact HR/Benefits at 410-222-5221/5219 or benefits@aacps.org.

    Where can I find out more detailed information?

    You may review the Employee Benefits Guide.