• All permanent Employees of AACPS are eligible for and, upon hire, enroll into the appropriate pension plan of the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System as a condition of employment.

    Teachers, and employees in related jobs, are enrolled into the Teacher's pension system

    All other employees are enrolled into the Employees pension system

    Do I contribute to the pension Plan?

    Yes, employees contribute 7% of their annual salary to the pension plan.

    Will my membership in the state pension plan carry over from my employment with another Maryland school system?

    Yes, your service and contributions to the Maryland state pension system accumulate regardless of the employer for which you worked.

    How do I enroll in the pension system?

    Employees must complete and submit a membership application and a Designation of Beneficiary form (which requires a notary).  Additionally, a photocopy of a photo ID which includes the employee's date of birth must be submitted.

    How can I learn more about the state pension system?

    You can review the Benefits Handbook of the Maryland State  Retirement and Pension System.

    Will I receive a statement of my estimated benefit at retirement?

    Yes, each year, if you are active on payroll at the close of the fiscal year (June 30), you will receive a statement of your individual retirement benefits that highlights everything you need to know about your account. 

    If you lose your Personal Benefits Statement you can obtain a copy if it through the MSRPS site here.

    Download your last Personal Statement of Benefits

    I am thinking of retiring at the end of the school year. What do I need to do first and how soon should I start?

    FIRST: Submit an Application for an Estimate of Service Retirement Allowances (Form 9) to the MSRA within one year of retirement. The estimate can take up to 16 weeks to receive, depending on the time of year it is submitted.

    In the meantime, sign up for a Retirement Information Session and a Retirement Forms Workshop on MYAACPS-PD (convenient times available throughout the year). Contact the retirement office at or 410-222-5224 for specific questions.

    What pension payment option is best for me and how much will I receive each month?

    When you fill out the request for an estimate form (Form 9), include the name and birth date of your spouse to ensure you receive estimates for both single life annuities as well as dual life annuities. The benefit selection you make at the time of your retirement is a personal choice made by you. It is an important decision as it cannot be changed once your first pension payment is received.

    Retirement counselors at the MSRA (1-800-492-5909) can provide assistance to you in selecting the appropriate benefit option.

    Will I, and my spouse, be eligible for retiree healthcare benefits after I retire?

    Special eligibility and funding limits apply to those hired on or after September 15, 2002. You can learn more by reading the Board Policy and Administrative Regulation: GAO & GAO-RA, and the Benefits Summary for Retirees found here.

    Spouses of retirees are eligible to participate in retiree healthcare. Continuation of healthcare after the death of a retiree requires that the surviving spouse receive a dual-life annuity from the Maryland State Retirement System.

    The same plans available to active employees are also available to retirees, depending on the residence of the retiree (co-pays differ). Medicare Supplemental options are available for retirees over age 65, or otherwise eligible for Medicare.

    How much will retiree healthcare benefits cost?

    Please view the retiree healthcare annual rates posted here at the Benefits website or e-mail to receive a copy of the rates or the annual Retiree Healthcare Benefits Guide.

    For retirees whose employment with AACPS began prior to September 15, 2002, retiree medical and dental plans are funded at 75% by the Board, with vision funded 100% by the retiree.

    For retirees whose employment with AACPS began September 15, 2002 or after, eligibility is described in Board Policy and Administrative Regulation GAO & GAO-RA and funding rates are communicated annually in the Benefits Summary for Retirees.

    What happens to my retirement if I return to work at AACPS?

    The Maryland State Retirement Agency requires that there be at least 45 days between your last date of active employment (prior to retirement) and any return to work after retirement.

    Upon retirement, retirees receive a notice of their annual earnings limit. Please contact the MSRA regarding earning limitations as exceeding it may affect your monthly retirement benefits.

    Retirees stay enrolled in their AACPS retiree healthcare programs if they return to work with AACPS.

    When will I receive my first check after retirement?

    Pension payments are deposited on the last business day of the month. For example, if the retirement date is 7/1/21, the first payment would be deposited 7/31/21.