Program of Study

  • The middle school language arts/reading classroom is a place where students and teachers learn through literature and composing to discuss, AACPS Middle School Program of Study; A closeup of an open book with flipping pageschallenge, collaborate, disagree, and understand consequences for choices, all in an atmosphere of respect

    Middle School is a time of transition for students. As such, the programs of study for all three grades reflect that transition in our students.

    The 6th grade curriculum follows the theme of "Change," recognizing the a period in education where students start to find themselves.

    The 7th grade curriculum follows the theme of "Choice," because this age is one where young adults begin making decisions for themselves, and we celebrate that.

    The 8th grade curriculum follows the theme of "Challenge," as young adults begin to move into the most academically difficult perid of their young lives, preparing for high school and, eventually, college and careers.