Gifted and Talented Enrichment Program

  • The Anne Arundel County Gifted Visual Arts Enrichment Program consists of eligible students identified through the countywide formal screening process.

    A wide variety of art problems related to classic fine arts genres will be covered using many different kinds of media. Art problems will be individually reviewed to address each individual’s conceptual and skill needs.

    Field trips and guest artist demonstrations may be scheduled as part of the enrichment experience.



    Applying to the Gifted Visual Arts Enrichment Program requires creativity, task commitment and above average ability.

    Nominations may be made by your Visual Arts teacher, parents, peers, or yourself.

    A Portfolio is required and must include four (4) prescribed drawings and a sketchbook.



    Talk to your Visual Arts teacher and your parents/guardians.

    The Visual Arts department in your school will assist you with the application process which includes portfolio requirements, nomination forms and deadlines.

    The application period is now over for 2017-2018. View sample application information packet for 2017.


    2017-2018 Dates:

    Day 1-Nov. 18

    Day 2-Dec. 9

    Day 3-Dec. 16

    Day 4-Jan. 6

    Day 5-Jan. 20

    Day 6-Jan. 27

    Day 7-Feb. 10

    Day 8-Feb. 24

    Day 9-March 10

    Day 10-March 17

    Snow Day - March 24th