International Economics & Finance

  • International Economics & Finance Students enrolled in Explorations I will be exposed to each of the program pathways the International Economics & Finance Signature offers.

    The introductory course for Signature: International Economics & Finance (9th or 10th Grade) is a semester course which lays the groundwork for further study. Students receive an overview of the three available program pathways, participate in field trips, and hear from a variety of guest speakers. Units of study include:

    Personal & Business Financial Literacy: 

    • Income, paying taxes, and budgeting
    • Credit: benefits and risks
    • Business finance

     Basic Economic Concepts: 

    • Supply and Demand
    • Measuring the economy
    • Economic cause and affect

     Sustainable Economic Design:

    • Green design and technology
    • Sustainability in economics
    • Impact of economics on the environment

    International Economics:

    • Local, state, national, & international nature of economies
    • Interconnectedness of the global economy
    • Impact of crises on the global economy


  • Old Mill High School Signature strives to provide meaningful coursework, professional experiences, and unique learning opportunities for all students. Internships are central to giving students rewarding and relevant workforce experiences. Each high school in Anne Arundel County Public Schools has an Internship Coordinator who works with students, professionals, and the Centers for Applied Technology in order to place and monitor students in internships.

    The first internships are available! Several opportunities exist for the Spring 2016 semester as well as during summer 2016:

    • State Senator Ed DeGrange's office
    • Landmarks Marketing
    • Signature program at Old Mill.

    Check out  for a list of opportunities, student requirements, and internship management.

     Interested in bringing in an intern from Old Mill High School? See Joshua White ( ) or Thomas Dickinson ( ) for more information.

  • Signature: International Economics & Finance Program Pathways

    After completion of Explorations I, students have the opportunity to choose one of three program pathways: Personal/Business Finance, Sustainable Economic Design, and International Economics. Each pathway offers a variety of courses for students to choose from, giving them more control over their high school education. 

Personal Business/Finance

    • Taking Charge of your Finances
    • Statistics Analysis
    • Personal Law
    • Leadership Class
    • IB Business Management
    • H Entrepreneurship
    • AP Macro Economics
    • AP Micro Economics

Sustainable Economic Design

    • H Entrepreneurship
    • Business Law
    • IB Info Tech in a Global Society
    • Architectural Design 1 (Prerequisite: Foundations of Technology A & B or Principles of Engineering)
    • Architectural Design 2 (Prerequisite: Architectural Design 1)
    • Power, Energy, and Transportation Systems (Prerequisite: Principles of Engineering)
    • Manufacturing and Construction (Prerequisite: Principles of Engineering)
    • Drawing for Fashion 1
    • Drawing for Fashion 2
    • Culinary & Hospitality Mgmt 1
    • Culinary & Hospitality Mgmt 2

International Economics

    • H Entrepreneurship
    • E-Commerce: Global Markets
    • Business Law
    • IB Info Tech in a Global Society
    • H International Studies
    • AP Human Geography
    • AP Micro Economics
    • AP Macro Economics

Graduation Requirements

  • Students must earn four (4) total Signature credits in order to earn a Signature: International Economics & Finance certificate and a cord at graduation. 


    • Explorations I
    • Three additional credits in Pathway courses
    • Internship (1 credit, 135 hours) OR Capstone Project (.5 credits)
    • Participation in two (2) co-curricular offerings

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