North County Signature Course Descriptions

  • IT3 Explorations is an elective that has been developed as ongoing core class for students in 9th and 10th grade who wish to participate in North County High School’s International Trade, Transportation, and Tourism Signature Program.  This course explores the ideas, issues, and impact of International Trade, Transportation, and Tourism as it pertains to our region. Students will develop background knowledge and skills necessary to participate and compete in these three industries. Strategies integral to this course include the effective and responsible use of the internet, the ability to discuss and debate mature topics and themes respectfully, a level of comfort with a variety of technology and non-print mediums, working in cooperative groups, and participating in multi-disciplinary project based learning.

    IT3 Explorations Syllabus


College and Career

  • North County Signature and Anne Arundel Community College Trade, Transportation, Tourism with a plane, cargo, and chefs.

    Dual College Access with AACC

    One of the most exciting features of the IT3 program is that students in their junior and seniors year can earn 18 college credits in 6 courses. These courses are taught at North County High School by an AACC Professor. This highlights the incredible partnership AACPS has with AACC. 

    Anne Arundel Community College has developed a program in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain management industries designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the transportation and supply chain industries, with a focus on cargo handling, supply chain logistics, airport and seaport operations, related technologies, and security requirements.  

    Transportation And Supply Chain Management

    Transportation and Supply Chain Management is a broad, growing industry that encompasses many different occupations and career paths. 
    Careers generally fall into seven broad career areas:
    • operations
    • planning and management
    • warehousing and distribution
    • facility and equipment maintenance
    • systems
    • health and safety management
    • sales and service
    Learn more:

    AACC Website
    Transportation Logistics and Cargo Security Certificate