• Family and Consumer Sciences programs unite a broad range of diverse disciplines by providing rigorous, differentiated content that allows students to become more effective critical thinkers and problem solvers. Through discovery and hands-on experiences, we prepare students with the essential skills needed to be career and college ready.

    Our programs prepare students with:     

    • courses that are part of a prescribed sequence of a career completer program with opportunity to earn industry certification and/or articulated/transcribed credit for a post-secondary education.
    • elective courses that are highly recommended for students to obtain hands-on 21st Century life skills which will assist them in making well informed decisions about their well-being as a successful and productive member of society.

     The Impact of Family and Consumer Sciences Education

    • Family and Consumer Sciences addresses training for students who will be involved in food safety, production and service, and early education and care by offering technical training, internship and/or real world experiences and industry credentials.
    • The early child care field needs to fill 400,000 to 500,000 positions by 2018.
    • Half of the fastest growing CTE programs are related to Culinary Arts and Early Childhood, which are associated with higher than average employment growth.
    • Family and Consumer Sciences provides training for students who will become the next generation of child care professionals by offering technical training, internship experiences and industry credentials.